Lowrance MAPCREATE™ 6.3 CANADA and FreedomMaps™ CANADA

Lowrance finally released good maps for Canada. The maps are available in a CD version as MAPCREATE™ 6.3 CANADA and also in a ready-to-use form, pre-loaded on MM cartridges and are compatible with the following GPS receivers:

LCX-104C, LCX-19C, LCX-18C, GlobalMap 4000M,5000C,6000C,7000C
LCX-15MT,LCX-16CI,LCX-15CI/CT,GlobalMap 3000MT
iFinder (all models)
AirMap 500

The maps are based on data from DMTI Spatial and are good. 

In our limited testing, the topo coverage of roads, trails, rivers, lakes and elevations appears to be equivalent to the federal topo maps at 1:50.000 scale however, some features (swamps, areas of vegetation / ground cover) that are present on federal topo maps are not included in the Lowrance maps.  For the most demanding applications, Lowrance maps may have to be used side by side with federal or other printed topo maps.  Even after a short testing period, however, we can highly recommend them to the Canadian users of Lowrance GPS receivers. 

Hopefully, we will get a chance to do a more "in-depth review" of Lowrance,  Canadian coverage. 

For more information about Lowrance Canadian maps, see:


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revised Sep. 2004