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M330 Optimized Canadian coverage thanks to WW Basemaps

I am using a M330 in Canada, primarily the Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and
Laurentians area.
but also the northern part of NY and Vermont states. I occasionally visit
the UK (England and

I have Mapsend Canada S&D, US S&D, Europe Streets, WW Basemaps. These make
M330 a trully Global GPS.

For my Montreal Canadian configuration I use and would recommend the
1)  The small 2Mb NA b101 basemap
2)  WW Basemap region of Southern Ontario/Quebec (5Mb)
3)  A combined Cda/US detailmap (7Mb) covering
     Plattsburgh/Burlington/Lake Champlain

When travelling to the UK, I would recommend
1)  The small 2Mb European basemap
2) WW Basemap region England/Wales (2Mb)
3)  Detailmaps as reqd (up to 12Mb available)

In summary, the release of Mapsend WW Basemap has, in my opinion, more than
made up for the previous deficiency in Canadian coverage in the currently
NA M330 basemaps. The Autoroute systems I've checked seem to be current to
within 5yrs. The St Lawrence borders are good and most lakes >1Km diam I've
checked seem to be well represented.

Regards,  Richard Hughes