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This section contains various links related to Canada, maps and GPS.

Most of the sites featured contains information related to various countries of the world, however, the prime criteria for posting them on this page was Canada specific content.

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    Please submit links or comments directly to Andrew@gpsnuts.com  

    Skip to the section related toCanadian maps for:  Garmin GPSR  or  Lowrance GPSR  or  Magellan GPSR  or  Computer or PDA (including iQue)  or to  Other (Canadian) items of interest to GPS users.



      Garmin offers good road maps covering Canada and decent topo maps based on 1:50.000 scale Canadian topo maps. At http://www.garmin.com/cartography/  Preview Garmin maps for Canadian users: City Navigator,  City Select,  Canada MetroGuide Topo Canada. 

    Garmin compatible Topo maps based on 1:20.000 scale Ontario and Quebec provincial data (very accurate and detailed) can be found at CanadaianMaps.ca  (Andrew's website)

    CityNavigator  a "Canadian perspective" review by  GPS Nuts review Garmin mapping software dedicated to Street Pilot III

      MapSource?Canada MetroGuide with Roads & Recreation  GPS Nuts review Canadian maps compatible with Garmin mapping receivers. 



      Lowrance Canadian road and topo maps now available! 

    Canadian ECharts (and other countries) Navionics charts formatted for uploading to GM100 and other Lowrance / Eagle GPS receivers.  (Explore / View coverage on line / Buy.)  Also, see See the review on this website.

    Navionics Fishing Hot Spots HotMaps of Lake of the Woods  and St. Lawrence River available for uploading to GM100 and other Lowrance / Eagle GPS receivers.  (Explore / View coverage on line / Buy.) 


      Magellan offers road maps covering Canada and decent topo maps based on 1:50.000 scale Canadian topo maps. http://www.magellangps.com

    Magellan MapSend (Marine) . follow the "Recreation" link.   C-MAP NT?Compact electronic charts uploadable to the Magellan MAP 410.  Read the GPS Nuts review.

    Magellan DataSend. follow the "Recreation" link.   Collection of Points of Interest that includes a fair amount of Canadian info. Coastal and Great Lakes NavAids are covered. The POIs are uploadable to GPS 315 and 320. ( See the review on this website.)

      Magellan M330 Optimized Canadian coverage thanks to WW Basemaps  Good advice from Richard Hughes


    Computer or PDA (including iQue)

    CanadianMaps.ca  - QVN Canadian maps on CDs and DVDs. Operated by Andrew Kalinowski  co-author of this website (Buy  /Free demo maps)

    PathAway GPS Navigation and Mapping Software for Palm powered handhelds  Supports raster maps! (Buy / free demo)


    Other (Canadian) items of interest to GPS users

    Google Earth  Google Earth gives you a wealth of imagery and geographic information with satellite imagery.

    GPS Visualizer An on-line tool that creates SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images from GPS waypoints and tracks. Background images include Canadian political and physical maps as well as satellite images. (Free, supported by donations)

    Canadian Geographical Names Data Base (CGNDB). Users can perform queries to obtain basic locational information and generate simple sketch maps which show general locations of selected features. Over 350,000 official and formerly official geographical names in Canada. (Explore / View on line / Free)  

    Toporama The Centre for Topographic Information in Sherbrooke (CTI-S) is testing a new product that displays the contents of the National Topographic Data Base (NTDB) as images. ( View on line / Free)  

    NRCan Topographic Map Search. A clickable index. (Explore. Note that some of the maps are more current than stipulated in the index.)

    The Natural Heritage Information Centre compiles, maintains and provides information on rare, threatened and endangered species and spaces in Ontario. Includes maps. (Explore / View on line / Free)  

    MapBlast   Down to street level on-line maps. Displays accurate coordinates . (View on line / Free)  

    Nautical Data International, Inc. is the Official Distributor of Electronic Hydrographic Data for the Canadian Hydrographic Service  (In short, a source of marine charts). (Explore / Buy  /Free demo)  

    Marine Navigation Services - This Web Site offers information of interest to Canadian Mariners within Canadian Waters. List Of Lights, Buoys, And Fog Signals. Notices To Mariners - Monthly (Explore / Download / Free )

    TerraServer - satellite photos. (Explore / View on line - free / Download data - buy)  

    View from 56240 km above 57?2'N 102?5'W  You can view either a map of the Earth showing the day and night regions at this moment, or view the Earth from the Sun, the Moon, the night side of the Earth, above any location on the planet specified by latitude, longitude and altitude, from a satellite in Earth orbit, or above various cities around the globe. A gimmick, but an interesting one. (Explore / View on line / Free)  

    TrailPeaks.com  Features a member driven (GPS) database of outdoor adventure trails in North America with strong Canadian content and particularly the Coastal range of mountains. (Explore / download / free / buy)

    Canada-wide Differential GPS (CDGPS) with a mission to provide accurate, reliable and continuous real-time GPS corrections for metre-level positioning for all of Canada (and beyond) by 2001.



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