DataSend Americas, ver. 1.0 contains numerous Points of Interest (POI's) that can be uploaded to the Magellan 315, 315A and 320 GPS receivers. The program contained on the CD provides a simple interface that can be used to select a region and types of POIs for upload to the receiver.

The installation was uneventful and does not require much input from the user, except for the decision of whether or not the data files should be transferred onto the hard drive. If the program is fully installed on the hard drive, it does not require the CD in order to run. Also, the execution is much faster so it is the preferred option.

Note that the program utilizes large databases, so redrawing can bring my P200MMX 64M to its knees. The speed is not the strong side of the program. The data upload to the GPS receiver can be done only at 4800 Baud. It results in a 20 minutes process, if one wants to fill the 19820 POI memory of the GPS 315. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be done too often.

Beside the POIs, the CD contains also files to restore the original set of POIs in the GPS 315 and various versions of the GPS 320. Since the hardware and the firmware is the same for the 315 / 320 family of receivers, a 315 can be “restored”, for example, as a 320 Asia & Australia. 

The program interface is very straightforward. A basic map of the world with political boundaries is displayed as the background. That map can be enhanced to some degree by color shading and some additional detail (shoreline, state / province borders / major highways) that can be displayed for US, Canada and Mexico. The major, large and medium cities from around the world can also be displayed in the background.


The map can be zoomed in to any particular area, but there is no additional detail displayed in the background. An area (one only) for upload is selected by marking it with a rectangle. POIs are divided into various types. Up to 10 types can be selected for upload and any POIs from the selected types and located within the marked area will be uploaded. The POI selection window indicates the number of POIs from each selected type that fall within the selected area. Total number of POIs selected as well as the balance of the receiver’s memory is also indicated.



The POIs can be displayed on the map with or without icons and names.

If the displayed POI’s are pointed to, full info can be displayed.



It is the same info that will end up being uploaded and can be displayed by the GPS 315 or 320, but exploring it on the computer is easier than in the receiver. Potential explorers should be careful. It appears that each time the POI type selection is changed, the program must redraw all the types for the whole displayed map.  Therefore with a large area shown, selecting 9 – 10 types containing numerous POIs, and displaying all the background detail, POI names and icons is nothing to be toyed with, unless one has a supercomputer.



(Each of the dots in the above screenshot represents a city or town.)


Also, in many areas the POIs are located very densely, so the individual names and icons start to overlap and are unreadable. For simple exploring, selecting only one type at a time may be the best solution.


 To select the POIs for the upload, the most practical method we found is:

  1. With all the background detail displayed, zoom into the area of interest.
  2. Select the actual area for upload (displayed background detail helps)
  3. Turn off ALL the background detail
  4. Select the POI types without displaying icons or names.
  5. Upload.


Hopefully the interface will be improved and an upgrade will be made available from the Magellan website.


Still, the most important part of the DataSend is the collection of POI’s databases.

The tables below contain the basic breakdown of POIs by type and indicate the number within each type. The comments are the copies of the text from files associated with each type.


City POIs with world coverage.


POI Type



Major Cities


Contains capitals and major cities with population

greater than 500,000.

Large Cities


Contains large cities and town districts with population

between 100,000 and 500,000.

Medium Cities


Contains medium cities and town districts with population

between 20,000 and 100,000.

Small Cities


Contains small cities and town districts with population

less than 20,000.

London area (Europe)

Malmoe area (Europe)

Brisbane area (Australia)




Marine POIs with world coverage.


Fixed NavAids


Contains fixed navigational aids, which are fixed points

composed of towers and lighted/unlighted beacons used for navigation.



Contains lighthouses, which are fixed points on land and are usually lighted. Many appear on the familiar paper charts used by mariners.

Floating NavAids


Contains float navigational aids, which are buoys that are usually numbered at the entrance of harbors. Many times they are lighted and colored and flash at particular intervals.


(Fixed and floating NavAids around the world. Again, the individual ones are indistinguishable at this scale)


Marine POIs with North America coverage.


Wrecks and Obstructions


Contains visible, submerged, dangerous to surface and non-dangerous wrecks. Also contains both covered and uncovered marine obstructions. Also contains the location of rocks awash and uncovered at low tide.

Also contains marine depth sounding information. Wrecks and Obstruction data is provided by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  This data is provided for the North American regions only. 


POIs with USA and CANADA coverage.


Marinas and Harbors


Contains marinas and harbors.

Dive and Snorkeling


Contains scuba shops, diving tours and rentals.

Boats and Canoes


Contains boat launches, boat rentals and boat charters.



For the US, contains public airports. Also contains hospital

landing pads, seaplane bases and heliports.


For Canada, contains public, certified and registered airports.



Contains arboretums, atriums and botanical gardens.

Zoos and Aquariums


Contains zoos and aquariums.

Museums and Historical


Contains historical sites and museums.

Resorts and Casinos


Contains resorts and casinos.



Contains parks and playgrounds.

Golf Courses


Contains country clubs, private and public golf courses,

and golf practice ranges.



Contains Federal, State and local campgrounds.



Contains amusement parks, bowling, miniature golf, carnivals,

bicycle tours, skiing and horseback riding.

Aerials activities


Contains sky diving, ballooning, hang gliding and helicopter

charter locations.

Firearms and Archery


Contains rifle, pistol and archery ranges. Also contains

game farms, gun clubs and gun safety locations.

Sight Seeing


Contains nature centers, sight seeing tours, whale watching

tours and wildlife conservations.

Sport Arenas


Contains sports arenas, athletic fields, horse racing

and auditoriums.



Contains wineries.

Tourist Attractions


Contains tourist attractions and guide services.

Hunting and Fishing


Contains hunting and fishing guide clubs and reserves. 

Also contains private and public lakes and ponds.



POIs with USA coverage.


Truck Services


Contains truck fuels and services at highway exits.



Contains automated teller machines (ATM's) at highway exits.

Hotels and Lodges


Contains hotels and lodges at highway exits.

Auto Repair and Services


Contains auto repairs and services at highway exits.

Gas Stations


Contains auto diesels and fuels at highway exits.

Highway Exit Ramps


Contains highway exits and ramps.



Contains fast food, restaurants, specialty foods and donuts

at highway exits.

Parks – Exit Ramps


Contains State parks, beaches and lakes at highway exits.

Medical Facilities


Contains hospitals and other emergency facilities at

highway exits.

RV Camps and Services


Contains RV campgrounds and services at highway exits.



If you are looking for DataSend covering other areas, below is what Magellan's response to Tan
Puay Sun's query about it.

>The information on our website needs to be updated.  As of right now, we
have the following software available for the GPS 315 and 320:
>- DataSend North America - includes worldwide cities and navaids, and
North American data categories such as campgrounds, airports, and
recreation.  Coverage is best for the United States, since that is where
the most geocoded data is available.
>- DataSend Aviation - includes the Jeppesen worldwide aviation database,
plus worldwide cities and navaids and American recreation data.  DataSend
Aviation is bundled with the GPS 315A (not sold separately at this time).
>- DataSend Europe - includes worldwide cities and navaids, and Western
European data categories such as airports, petrol stations and recreation.
Coverage is best for Britain, France, Germany, and nearby countries.  Does
not include any recreation data for eastern Europe or Portugal.
>Please note: We do not have a DataSend International per se, at this time,
since we do not have worldwide coverage on any recreation data categories.
>If you are interested in Southeast Asia, for example, DataSend North
America could potentially be used for worldwide cities, fixed and floating
navaids, and lighthouses; however, the recreation data will not cover your
area at all and customers might find it frustrating (unless they are
planning a trip to the States).
>We are actively pursuing more data for Asia, Australia, and other key
regions where our data coverage needs improvement.  If you know of any
vendors with geocoded point data, we would be very happy to contact them
and investigate.  We will update you as soon as we get additional
information.  Thank you very much,
End quote.


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