Way points on the Magellan DataSend Europe CD, version 1.2

 This is a brief description of the Europe DataSend CD. For more information regarding the program go to the GPS Nuts review of Ron Wilson and Andrew Kalinowski. This CD contains more than 350 000 POIs in 26 categories. You can download 10 categories and a maximum of 19 820 POIs to the Magellan 315/320 receiver.

The following categories of POI data can be found on the CD:



Number of POIs


only in Europe, few POIs in northern Scandinavia


border crossings

only central Europe


car rentals

central Europe and UK


cash machines

only UK


ferry terminals

Danish, French, Dutch, British coasts, Sweden, Switzerland


fixed nav-aids

every coastline of the World


float nav-aids

every coastline of the World


government offices

west Europe, but most in the UK



west Europe, most in the UK


large cities

from all over the World



every coastline of the World


major cities

from all over the World

510, (90 in Europe)

medium cities

from all over the World

9800, (4000 in Europe)

monuments and museums

only in the UK


motorway exits

only in the UK


motorway services

only in the UK


parking areas

west Europe


petrol stations

west Europe, not Scandinavia


post offices

west Europe, not Scandinavia


rest areas

west Europe, not the UK


shopping centres

west Europe, not Scandinavia or Spain


small cities

from all over the World

140500, (90000 in Europe)


west Europe, not Scandinavia


tourist attractions

only in the UK


train stations

central Europe, not Scandinavia


underground stations

UK, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden



In west Europe I include the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy but not Island, northern Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Balkan and Greece. When you download the POIs, you choose a rectangular area of your interest - a region file - which you also can save and come back to. Just to give you an example: I often use a file covering Sweden, Norway and Denmark with airports (35), fixed nav-aids (8691), float nav-aids (2097), large cities (11), lighthouses (1541), major cities (3), medium cities (260), petrol stations (572), small cities (5695) and train stations (160) - total 19030 POIs. The number of small cities is very substantial - there are no more villages in this country!! This way of customising your receiver is really a nice feature and will make it much more useful!

The CD uses the following sources (quote from the manual):

Etak&Tele Atlas Etak, The Digital Map Company Limited is the premier publisher of location-based technology and digital maps. Since its foundation, Tele Atlas has been the leading supplier of high quality digital maps for major European regions. Tele Atlas's geographical databases are used for a large number of applications in the field of car navigation, GIS, traffic & transport, as well as PC & online applications. This list was last updated in April 1999.

C-Map. The C-Map data includes worldwide nautical navigational aids. This list includes fixed navigational aids, floating navigational aids (also known as buoys) and lighthouses. This data was last updated in July 1998.

AND. The AND data includes worldwide cities divided into the following categories:

Major Cities - Cities with population greater than 500,000.

Large Cities - Cities with population from 100,000 to 500,000.

Medium Cities - Cities with population from 20,000 to 100,000.

Small Cities - Cities with population from 5,000 to 20,000.

This list is was last updated in September 1998.


The CD also contains the following restore files (bin files) if you would like to go back to the default POI data:

- GPS 315 - world bin.

- GPS 320 - America.bin

- GPS 320 - Asia&Australia bin

- GPS 320 - Europe&Africa bin

Please note that when you download POI data to the receiver all old POI and route data will be deleted - USER WPs will, however, still be there and not deleted!


Anders Joansson ajo@algonet.se - 59,24.00 - 018,52.32


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