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Purpose Statement:

This review of the Lowrance GlobalMap100 (GM100) is not intended to be a stand alone document, but rather supplementary in nature to a review that appears on Joe Mehaffey?s and Jack Yeazel?s GPS website ( http://joe.mehaffey.com/g3p-rev.htm ). In their review of the Garmin GIII+ mapping receiver, J&J frequently made comparisons to the GM100, as the two units were/are mapping receivers competing for the same niche in the market.

After reading their review, it would be hard not to come to the conclusion that the Garmin GIII+ was clearly the superior unit of the two in features and performance. Andrew and I both owned GM100?s and had used them extensively under many field conditions and we had found them to be outstanding units!. We did not have access to a GIII+ at the time, but we had read everything we could find about them and had corresponded with several GIII+ owners directly and through the sci.geo.satellite-nav newsgroup

After digesting this knowledge, we set about to do a feature-by-feature comparison of the two units. We found several categories in which we felt the GM100 was clearly superior. Many of these were not brought out sufficiently (in our opinions) in J&J?s review, so we felt the need to post another point of view. Hopefully, the reader will examine both reviews and form their own opinions.

Since the reviews were first posted, a few years have passed and many new units have been introduced to compete with the GM100 and GIII+. These two are no longer the only game in town, but both are still doing quite well in sales. Frankly, after reading about several new models and even reviewing some, we still have not found any unit that can completely replace our GM100?s. This year, when Ron goes out into the woods for his summer job as a field botanist for The Nature Conservancy, he will be taking his trusty old GM100 with him! He will also be taking it along when he goes sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. In the Ontario wilderness, Andrew will still be using his own maps loaded into the GM100 We think that says volumes about this workhorse GPS unit.


1)      It is not our intention to say which unit is "better" in this review. Frankly, we don't know, since we have had no access to a G-III+ for testing purposes. Even if we had, it is unlikely that a clear winner would emerge, as many features are similar on the two units, and the preference of a GPS unit is largely subjective anyway.

2)      Our "knowledge" of the G-III+ and its features and function were derived from J&J's review, various web sites, and from information that we had gathered from posts on the sci.geo.satellite-nav news group.

(Revised: 01, May 2001)

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